Low Mileage’s New Single Is a Sonic Labyrinth of Heartache: Listen to “Hold You”

Step into the melodic twilight of Low Mileage's new single, "Hold You," where mesmerizing beats serenade you through the corridors of a crumbling love story.

With its nostalgic sound design and aching voicemail sample, the spellbinding future-trap track is a vivid canvas of a relationship on life support, exploring the struggle of letting go when you know it's time to say goodbye.

Mileage manages to construct a sonic labyrinth of heartache, the soundtrack to that eerie, gnawing silence right after you walk away. His melancholic production does well to explore the haunting paradox of holding onto a love that's unraveling, drawing you into the depths of a doomed relationship's storm with a cyclone of distorted plucks and deep bass.

Despite his relatively recent foray into the electronic music world, Low Mileage has made a dramatic entrance. His unique sound, a woozy blend of wistful electronica and effervescent future bass, has led him to nab high-profile releases with NCS and Circus Records, among other esteemed labels.

Take a listen to "Hold You" below and find the new song on streaming platforms here.

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