MARAUDA is Out for Blood in Ferocious EP, “CROWN OF TORMENT”

MARAUDA's new EP takes fans right to the underbelly of one of the most sinister sound palettes in electronic music.

Titled CROWN OF TORMENT, the three-track project is not for the faint of heart. The Class of 2022 star shows out, producing a bottomless abyss of bass that promises to leave fans in awe.

We're flung headlong into MARAUDA's universe right off the rip with "BEAST OF LIES," a bloodthirsty banger with screeching sound design. The intensity only builds from there as he slithers into "UNTOUCHED BY COMFORT," a rampaging riddim track with bass that could shatter glass.

MARAUDA closes with "PORTAL TO SIN," tying a bow on the EP with a squelching anthem that will run roughshod through his live sets. All said and done, it's a ferocious blend of tearout and riddim that redefines the limits of each genre.

Take a listen to CROWN OF TORMENT below at your own peril. You can stream the new EP here.



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