Dance Into the Weekend With Morpei and REMYDEE’s Deep Tech Jam, “Groove Check”

The newest club weapon from House Hats comes from Morpei and REMYDEE, who have joined forces to drop "Groove Check."

Chugging along to a chunky bassline, "Groove Check" is a minimalist track with maximalist energy. With its slick saxophone patterns, the two promising producers have delivered a deep tech banger at the intersection of soulful funk and club-ready house music.

Morpei says he started the project in his LA studio by threading its bassline and saxophone segments before finding himself in the throes of writer's block. But a serendipitous visit to REMYDEE's SoCal apartment charted a new course for the track.

After mixing the record right there in the apartment, it wasn't long before they wrapped up the rapturous song we hear today.

"We casually shared some tracks and played what now is 'Groove Check' and instantly, REMYDEE's ears perked up and recognized the potential," Morpei explained. "With changes to the baseline, the structure and other elements, the song began to take its final form. The collaboration breathed new life into the track, and it flowed smoothly from there."

Take a listen to "Groove Check" below.

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