MitiS Lets the Melody Do the Talking In Nostalgic EP, “Memories”

MitiS bucks the status quo with an offering that reminds us of dance music's powerful instrumental roots.

Dance music's most tenured fans can easily recall a time when the genre was mostly instrumentally driven, and MitiS taps into the nostalgia of that era.

Given the emphasis on songwriting in dance music today, it's sometimes difficult to recall what was so special about those euphoric instrumentals of yesteryear we fell in love with. But with his latest EP, Memories, MitiS sends us a powerful reminder.

MitiS himself has inked timeless tracks like the cathartic "Moments," but with his latest EP he manages to evoke a response with melody alone. The opener, "May," a bubbly progressive house track with uplifting arpeggiated synths and synergistic chords, stands as one such example.

The transition into the titular track sees MitiS in his truest form, crafting enormous builds and deploying sky-high, soaring synths in cinematic fashion. From those highest highs comes equal and opposite energy in the form of the heartstring-tugging closer, "Endless."

"Memories hits home and brings a lot of emotions that are nostalgic," MitiS tweeted. "Writing these songs were a blast reminding me of the golden days where the focus were the melodies through instrumentation. I hope you all enjoy this EP as much as I enjoyed writing it."



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