Modapit Unleashes Stunning Single From Debut Album, “For You”

Fresh off a massive EDC Las Vegas debut, mysterious producer Modapit has returned with yet another captivating single, "For You."

Out now via Thrive Music, "For You" is a tantalizing, breakbeat-inspired track with beautifully crafted melodies and an intoxicating two-step beat. The uncredited vocalist is an immaculate fit, as her soft presence blends effortlessly into the track's upbeat sound design. They've captured the UKG feel while simultaneously maintaining what's quickly becoming Modapit's signature sound. 

"'For You' is a song about never giving up," Modapit said in a statement. "Modapit songs tend to have uplifting themes, and 'For You' is no exception. Getting people away from their sadness is a huge influence in the creation of Modapit songs. The hope is that people can escape into this music."

In addition to the release of "For You," Modapit has released a 10-minute music video that serves as a continuation of his previous audiovisual projects.


Modapit burst onto the scene earlier this year with a spellbinding debut, "Dancing." The project itself is an intersection of artistic endeavors, combining music, film and fashion into one succinct movement. Their debut album, Devotion, is due out later this year.

Listen to "For You" on streaming platforms here.



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