NERO to Release Trove of Unearthed Archival Music

In a revelation that feels straight out of the metaphorical storybook of dance music history, NERO are about to embark on a new artistic chapter, one derived from a trove of forgotten 2000s-era music. 

A the band marks two decades of cultural influence and boundary-pushing productions, the revelation couldn't have come at a more opportune moment. The legendary electronic music outfit recently unearthed from an attic a forgotten stack of dusty CDs, which include many unreleased tracks as well as the original WAV files of the group's early drum & bass music.

NERO intend to release these tracks on their superfan hub starting with an EP called Requiem, which released exclusively on vinyl back on May 10th, 2006. Fans can expect a steady stream of content, including old songs, edits and never-before-heard tracks, to be added weekly to the platform, the band's management tells

Meanwhile, as this coveted archival NERO content begins to hit the internet, anticipation continues to build towards the release of the group's long-awaited third album, Into The Unknown. A release date has not been revealed at the time of this writing.

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