This Astonishing LEGO Stop-Motion Rave Took Hundreds of Hours to Produce

Channeling the whimsy of everyone's favorite colored bricks, DJ Groovecellar has elevated the concert video experience to new, playful heights.

The Swiss DJ, whose real name is Pascal Keller, has successfully merged months of research in stop-motion technology with the vibrant world of LEGO to construct a full-scale rave.

By the numbers, the laborious undertaking is nothing short of impressive. Having spent over 200 hours of meticulous shooting and editing, Keller pieced together 3,000 individual images using three cameras from various angles to ensure each LEGO character and scene synchronizes with the beats and melodies of his music, he tells

The stage of DJ Groovecellar's intricate LEGO stop-motion rave.

c/o DJ Groovecellar

Soundtracked by DJ Groovecellar's remix of his own original track, "Salt," the ambitious concert features a LEGO stage with the glow of an intricate, functional LEGO lighting rig setting the scene.

As he takes his place in the brick-built booth, the audience—comprising hundreds of LEGO ravers—begins to groove to the churning house rhythm. The vibe then shifts as the beat ducks out to spotlight the song's vocalist, Chip Deva, whose voice takes center stage for a moment of awe amongst the crowd.

It's evident that assembling the dynamic spectacle was no small feat—a testament to Keller's ability to lay the bricks for a new kind of stop-motion entertainment experience. Watch his full LEGO concert below and find out more here.


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