Dance Music Finds Rhythm With New Stage Designs and Surprising Sets at Coachella 2024

What can be said about Coachella that hasn't already been echoed across the sands of the Indio desert? Perhaps only that each year, the festival rewrites its own legend.

2024 adding yet another vibrant chapter to its illustrious saga. As the desert winds carried whispers of past triumphs, this year's festival carved out its own memorable moments, especially within the realm of electronic dance music.

From groundbreaking performances to unexpected collaborations, the top dance music moments that defined Coachella's 2024 season not only captured the imagination but also solidified its continued reputation as a bastion of festival culture.

Coachella's Sahara stage.

Sam Balaban

The Do LaB embodies serendipitous nature of dance music

Coachella's beloved Do LaB stage once again proved itself a nucleus of spontaneity and stellar performances. This year, the reimagined stage was a carousel of storied Coachella talents and unexpected sights, creating a myriad of moments that left us in awe.

A true highlight was the impromptu back-to-back set between Alison Wonderland and Kaskade, two giants of their respective crafts, who merged their distinct sounds into an unforgettable performance. The collective spirit of collaboration exemplified the Do LaB’s reputation for fostering memorable musical experiences that are not often found elsewhere.

The Do LaB at Coachella 2024.

Jamal Eid

Adding to the legacy of the Do LaB, Anna Lunoe, a veteran of the Coachella scene, graced the stage with a performance that elegantly bridged her rich festival history with her latest musical explorations. Her journey with Coachella is storied, beginning with a dream about which she tweeted—playing at the festival—which came true within a year. Her relationship with the event deepened subsequently, when she famously announced her pregnancy just before taking the stage, marking another significant personal milestone shared with the Coachella community.

This year, Lunoe's set resonated deeply as she intertwined refreshed versions of her classic tracks with new, vibrant beats, reflecting her recent creative evolution. With its reputation for intimate yet dynamic performances, The Do LaB served as the perfect backdrop for her showcase, further demonstrating her adaptability as an artist.

"The cool thing about me being a little less on the road the last two years with the pandemic and being based in Australia now is that my sound has really developed," Lunoe told onsite. "I've edited a lot of my older songs to fit in with what I've been making lately."

John Summit and Dom Dolla ascend into a new chapter of Everything Always

John Summit and Dom Dolla's synergy onstage is no secret, but their Coachella performance as Everything Always brought a new level of clarity as to where the powerhouse duo is headed.

From the outset it was evident that this set was a cornerstone in their collaborative path, not just another performance but a decisive declaration of their artistic future. The duality of their visuals—a captivating interplay of light and shadow, intensity and calm—mirrored the depth and diversity of their new music.

Emile Frederik, Creative Director and Co-Show Director for Everything Always, worked alongside Romain Pissenem of High Scream to make the effort a reality. In an interview, Frederik shared  the themes that went into the conceptualization of the duo's statement-making performance.

"It came across my desk probably a month to six weeks before the show," Frederik told us. "I approached it with two points of reference, one was from the guys themselves - duality, balance, and the yin and yang of things. Then the title 'Everything Always' suggests a really expansive universe and harmony between minimalism and maximalism."

John Summit and Dom Dolla performing at Coachella 2024 as Everything Always.

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Thousands celebrate Michael Bibi's triumphant return under the desert sun

A year ago, the music world held its breath as Michael Bibi faced a harrowing cancer prognosis with only a 30% chance of survival. Fast forward to this year's Coachella, and Bibi's return to the stage was nothing short of miraculous, embodying the ultimate feel-good story of the festival weekend.

Surrounded by the warmth of family, friends and a sea of adoring fans, he delivered a set that resonated deeply with the thousands who danced under the desert sun, celebrating his remarkable recovery.

Bibi's performance at Coachella's brand-new Quasar stage was a powerful affirmation of life and resilience. With his cancer now in remission, his presence onstage was a poignant reminder of the personal battles artists can face behind the scenes. The energy and affection from the crowd were palpable, transforming his set into a collective moment of joy and triumph on one of the world's biggest stages.

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Swedish House Mafia's "Lioness" roars at Coachella during Steve Angello's solo Sahara set

Under the sweeping lights of Coachella's iconic Sahara stage, Steve Angello unveiled a glimpse into the future of Swedish House Mafia with the premiere of their unreleased single, "Lioness." The defining moment not only highlighted the close of his mesmerizing set but also signaled the potential start of a new era for the famed trio nearly two years after their debut album, Paradise Again.

Crafted with soaring choir chants and a deep, gripping house rhythm, "Lioness" captivated the crowd, weaving an anthemic lead synth that propelled it into a collective high. The overwhelming response from fans lost in Angello’s climactic crescendo promised that the magic of Swedish House Mafia continues to thrive while setting the stage for their exciting next chapter.

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Coachella after dark

As the last echoes of music fade on the Coachella stages, the revelry spills over deep into the night. Attendees seeking their afterhours fix did so at the NYLON House event hosted at a private estate, where SOFI TUKKER headlined an evening rich with music, fashion and immersive brand experiences. 

Meanwhile, the adventurous spirit of Coachella attendees was reignited at Framework In The Desert, an event hosted by Wynn Nightlife and Framework in an airplane hangar. Now in its third year, the series provided a respite from the chilly desert air and a backdrop for a night of top-notch techno and house rhythms delivered by heavyweights like John Summit, Dom Dolla and Charlotte de Witte. The raw, industrial setting enhanced the electrifying performances, making it a night to remember for those seeking an intense dance experience until the early hours. 

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Coachella soups up production of the Sahara stage

Coachella's renowned Sahara tent underwent significant upgrades and a notable relocation. This move was part of an extensive revamp that saw the tent expand to a massive 320 feet while switching from aluminum to a more robust steel structure, enhancing both its durability and capacity for larger, more complex productions fit to house the sets of dance music's biggest stars.

The changes dramatically improved the festival experience, allowing for greater production possibilities and a more immersive audience experience. Notably, Peggy Gou graced the new and improved stage, utilizing its expanded capabilities to deliver a show that was as visually arresting as it was musically vibrant. 

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Dom Dolla invites special guest Nelly Furtado to Sahara closing set

Coachella's Saturday evening closing set at the Sahara saw an electrifying surprise as Nelly Furtado joined Dom Dolla onstage for a performance that had the crowd frenzied with excitement.

The iconic singer emerged to perform several tracks, including their smash hit "Eat Your Man," which has dominated charts and dancefloors alike in the last year. The moment demonstrated that the festival's flair for unexpected and unforgettable, genre-crossing performances remains alive and well.

Drum & bass becomes the percolating pulse of Coachella

Drum & bass is unmistakably having its moment in the U.S. festival spotlight, and Coachella provided ample evidence that its influence is well on the rise. Legendary UK duo Chase & Status drew a massive crowd by the end of their unannounced set at The Do Lab, showcasing their mastery and the genre's broadening appeal.

Further cementing drum & bass's burgeoning stateside dominance, Everything Always, typically not known for this style, surprised us by diving into the genre with multiple track selections. John Summit also highlighted this shift by debuting a new collaboration with drum & bass icon Sub Focus.

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Anti Up reclaim the spotlight at Coachella

Anti Up's Coachella set marked a thrilling chapter for the collaborative genius of Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo, who are gearing up to release a new joint album.

They chose to perform on the Mojave stage in a move that was not without purpose. As Lake explained on social media, the duo's music—deeply rooted in British dance culture—was crafted with darker, more intimate spaces in mind. "We never felt we could create that atmosphere we wanted in the Sahara," Lake posted on X.

The result was a mesmeric performance that exceeded expectations, reinforcing Anti Up's mission to deliver an unforgettable show tailored to their unique vision. Fans were advised wisely to wear comfortable shoes.

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