NERVO will release beloved Avicii track ‘Don’t Give Up On Us’ this summer

In breaking news, the electronic music community may be treated to more previously unreleased Avicii music this summer, and it’s all thanks to NERVO.

Titled ‘Don’t Give Up On Us’, the original name for the track was ‘Enough Is Enough’, and has been a beloved Avicii ID within his fanbase for a long time now, and thanks to NERVO we will finally see an official release with the duo working on the production a bit more. When asked in a recent interview about it, this was said:

“We’re still working on the production because we can’t get it right, it’s really difficult to get it right. It’s going to be amazing though […] It’s very difficult when you have a record with so much history, there’s so much pressure.”

A track that was never officially released, this is about to all change very soon and it will certainly be interesting to see if NERVO stay true to the original, or mix it up a bit. Previously, NERVO had worked with Avicii on their track You’re Gonna Love Again‘ in which Avicii had a hand in the songwriting and production process. With the powerhouse duo and Swedish legend having a previous working relationship, we can hope that they will stay true to Avicii’s original vision.

Trino DJ shared the interview on Facebook, and you can check it out below in full. Don’t forget to also check out the audio of ‘Enough Is Enough’ on the We Rave You YouTube channel here.

Image via: Instagram

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