ODESZA rolls out fifth single from new album – ‘Wide Awake’, featuring Charlie Houston: Listen

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This week, ODESZA come in fives – five weeks before the full release of their highly anticipated new album ‘The Last Goodbye‘, and five years after their last album ‘A Moment Apart‘, they roll out the fifth single from the new album called Wide Awake’.

After two simple words echoed in the Twitter space, ODESZA started blessing the streaming platforms with rolling out hit after hit. ‘The Last Goodbye’ – the single from the same titled new album that us known to many from reels on social media platforms – created a hype along with theories about whether the title bears more meaning than just a name. Along with the album release, they announced a tour, starting with their first three shows in their hometown of Seattle; you can find all the announced US dates on their website.

‘Wide Awake’ is no different than its predecessors in terms of quality – this elegant electronic track is blessed by angelic voice of Charlie Houston, while the drums take you on a daydreaming journey. ODESZA have once again proven why their name is such a memorable piece of electronic music history, regardless of the quantity of their releases – their creation is always at the very top.

Along with this track, ODESZA released two sneak peeks of the captivating, glitchy live show visual for this track on their socials:

ODESZA’s comeback is keeping their fans on the edge, as they constantly tease updates about the releases, with the latest one from today’s Instagram story about a collaboration with Iceland-based Ólafur Arnalds. Harrison and Clayton know how to hold their fans’ attention, making it for an exciting year ahead of them.

Although Coachella goers had the opportunity to hear the album tracks way before their release, now you can check out ‘Wide Awake’ by ODESZA and Charlie Houston on all streaming platforms, and you can let us know what you think about it:

Image credit: ODESZA (via Facebook

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