Tomorrowland Unveils Intricate Mosaic Walkway: Look Inside the “Stairway to Unity”

Tomorrowland's unifying principles are being immortalized in tangible form with the advent of the festival's latest art installation.

Tomorrowland's last in-person edition in 2019 drew over 400,000 dance music fans collectively hailing from over 200 nations around the world. They hope to continue fostering that sense of belonging with the "Stairway to Unity," a 60-meter pathway composed of over five million mosaic tiles.

Cutting the tiles alone was a massive undertaking, explains mosaicist Jean-Christophe Duperron. Due to the manual nature of the process, each tile needed to be cut and adjusted individually, a process that by his estimates collectively represented over 15,000 hours of work. Duperron joined forces with fellow artist Michel Herrera Cuello and an Italian company, Mosaici Moruzzi, to complete the effort.

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Tomorrowland Unveils Intricate Mosaic Walkway: Look Inside the "Stairway to Unity"

Tomorrowland is turning one of its core principles into a tangible art installation.

In total, the mosaic stones, which are oriented to form the faces of Mother Earth and Mother Nature, span over 700 square meters. The endeavor only took organizers six months to lay the stones to complete the pathway.

Tomorrowland organizers hope the pathway will serve as a reminder that the event both starts and ends with the principle of unity at the core of its framework.

Tomorrowland returns for two weekends of electronic dance music hedonism next month, July 18-21 and July 25-28. You can keep up with the iconic festival's developments here.



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