“Oh, Environment”: Giles & Diego’s New Single is a Rallying Call for Climate Action

French duo Giles & Diego have released a new dance track, "Oh, Environment," which doubles as a potent and compelling call to climate action.

Giles & Diego produce dance music to bring attention to the environmental challenges faced by communities like Nkuringo. They say their new track aims to become the catalyst of a movement while serving as the second chapter of their Dance Be Happy EP.

Recorded in the lush landscapes of Nkuringo, "Oh, Environment" is driven by contemporary electronic elements and sultry rhythms. The Afro-house anthem's music video features the children of Uganda's Nkuringo Orphanage and Bright Future School, whose voices add authenticity and urgency to the global message embedded within.

"Collaborating with the children of Nkuringo was a very enriching experience," Diego said. "Their voices and words are a reminder of the innocents we must protect against the ravages of climate change."


To amplify the impact of "Oh, Environment," a new campaign called #ShareIfYouCare was launched to fostering awareness about sustainable living and environmental conservation. The campaign extends its support to various projects in the Nkuringo area, encompassing school enhancements, ecological initiatives and community development programs.

"This track is a fusion of African rhythms, soulful melodies and contemporary beats, symbolizing the global nature of the environmental crisis," said Climate Actions Now and CAN Music Founder Robert Stephenson in a press statement. "The children of Nkuringo, with their authentic and powerful expressions, add layers of purity and urgency to the message that we need to heed."

Profits from "Oh, Environment" will directly benefit sustainable projects in the region, aligning with the ethos of Climate Actions Now and CAN Music. You can find out more about Giles & Diego’s cause here.


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