OTR’s Sophomore Album is an Introspective Self-Reflection on Our Place in the Universe

Sometimes our best work comes from our toughest struggles. After a three-year hiatus, OTR has overcome a bout of writer's block to unveil his immaculate sophomore album, Be Quiet, They're Listening

Be Quiet, They're Listening is a masterful follow-up to OTR's debut album, 2020's Lost At Midnight, expanding on his elegant and thoughtful sound while telling an introspective story. From the unwavering energy of house music to the subtle grooves of indietronica, he's fearlessly gone where he hasn't before.

Out now via Astralwerks, the album touches on the loneliness found within our interpersonal relationships and in relation to the vast expanse of the universe. An intimate glimpse into OTR's own headspace during trying times, it explores existentialism, purpose and connection. 

Elegantly weaving between genres, Be Quiet, They're Listening is OTR's most diverse project to date. "In The Summer" serves as its heart, encapsulating every aspect of the message OTR wants to convey. Beautiful yet haunting, the track is carried by an intoxicating beat and ethereal vocal sample that calls attention to the bittersweet feelings that embody the final days of summer.

"The album is a reflection of a time when I had to learn how to put my life back together," says OTR. “I'm proud of how it turned out and hope people can find some comfort, inspiration and motivation while listening to it. ‘In The Summer’ to me feels like a combination of these feelings all wrapped up in one song, so I'm happy it's debuting with the album as a whole."

You can listen to Be Quiet, They're Listening below and find the album on streaming platforms here.

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