Peggy Gou’s Debut Album Is an Ode to the Freedom of the Dancefloor: Listen to “I Hear You”

Peggy Gou instantaneously sets the tone for I Hear You, her debut album, with an evocative rallying cry urging us to reconnect with our inner selves amidst the chaos of modern life: "We have colonized, industrialized, modernized. We have forgotten self-respect and to listen to ourselves."

Gliding on the wings of her global dance hit "(It Goes Like) Nanana," which quickly became a dancefloor staple, Gou's journey to this momentous debut has been nothing short of remarkable. Serving as a touchstone of the broader project at hand, the infectious single serves as a reminder to find happiness in the simple pleasures we often overlook.


In an era where artists frequently lean on highly collaborative efforts to generate buzz, Gou takes a more solitary path on I Hear You. By standing on her own as a singer, songwriter and producer, she allows listeners to fully appreciate the breadth and depth of her skill set. 

"1+1=11" is one such highlight, a track seamlessly morphing breaks, techno and acid into a cohesive soundscape that still maintains Gou's signature, euphoric melodies. Meanwhile, "Lobster Telephone" is another standout that sees the producer tapping into her native Korean roots. The song's euphoric, twinkling melodies and danceable basslines are complemented by Korean lyrics, adding a layer of cultural depth and personal significance to I Hear You.

Upon holistic reflection, listeners are likely to find the album is an ode to the freedom and euphoria of the dancefloor. Turning every beat into a celebration, she invites us to let go of our worries and wholly embrace the present moment, leaving us only with a lingering sense of liberation and a reminder that sometimes the most profound experiences come from simply being carefree and alive.

Listen to I Hear You below and find the new album, out now via XL Recordings, here.