Pop-Rock Band Poppymoon Release Their Groovy Debut Single “Wanna Play That Game?”

Pop-rock duo Poppymoon featuring Germany-based 29-year-old producer Djaaaen and 26-year-old singer Sabina have recently shared with us their debut single, “Wanna Play That Game?”- a fusion which features dark pop music with elements of rock, infectious vocal chops, and tying it all together is Sabina’s strong voice. Her soothing, raw, and beautiful vocals are set to hook in the listeners while her lyricism will connect with many people, and fits perfectly with the tone of the great instrumentation.

There is no doubt that “Wanna Play That Game?” has all the chances to resonate with pop-rock aficionados as the single contains every essential element. Poppymoon delivers a single that brings elements from different genres with a background of a moody base of beats and strings laced up with Sabina’s vocals that are equally angelic and powerful, into one great release.

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