DJ Drist Just Released An Intoxicating EDM/HOUSE Anthem Titled “Not Enough”

DJ Drist’s new track is made to smash the dancefloors!

He has not let quarantine slow him down. His latest offering isn’t a track about bombastic drops, attention-grabbing features, or Beatport-topping instrumentals. “Not Enough” shines in simple, soothing melodies, engaging progressions, and atmospheric soundscapes. The track is wrapped up with emotion that is radiating through each beat and element. The marvelous and perfectly arranged vocals, paired with the emotional lyrics, give the track an exceptional feel only the best productions in the field have.

Drist’s delicate production style complements the vocalist well. The soothing vocals lay perfectly on top of the instrumentation, delivering a powerful and sweeping performance by the vocalist, together with the captivating arrangement that will have people hooked.

With his carefully crafted previous release titled “City Lights,” and by releasing his new riveting project “Not Enough,” DJ Drist doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. He confidently shows his versatility as an artist as well as his ability to produce time and time again chart-worthy music.

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