Damon Ft. The Crushboys Stretches The Borders Of Imagination With Their New Release “2 Miles”

After his debut viral hit song “Hustle With A Purpose”  featuring The Crushboys, Damon unveils his newest collaboration, a first-ever Dance/EDM banger titled “2 Miles,” where he masterfully conducts a journey of dance and musical symbolism that lifts the veil of ordinary life. The idea to create such a song came to Damon while he was sitting at home during COVID- 19 and missed being out seeing the world and started dreaming of the day when he could finally travel again. The groovy track is a conjunction of good old memories and dreams of future travels, put into music.

We barely can take our ears off of Damon’s new song as well as we can’t shake off the feeling of the strong resemblance between Damon and prominent R’n’B artist Ne-Yo. Damon is an upcoming musician who is not afraid to take risks—a scary presence for the mainstream music community. To rephrase it, who knows what this guy is going to create next?

You better check out this great track yourself by hitting the play button right here:

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