Porter Robinson’s New Voicebank Lets You Make Music In His Signature Vocaloid Style

The software enables music producers to create bubbly, digitized vocals in the style of Porter Robinson's "Nurture" album.

Porter Robinson has always been in a league of his own, but his fellow music producers no longer have to ride the bench after the release of his new voicebank, "Po-uta."

Robinson has teamed up with Yahama for a special pack powered by the company's voice synthesis software, VOCALOID6. Developed using his own voice, "Po-uta" enables producers to create bubbly, pitched-up vocals in both English and Japanese.

The electronic music virtuoso, who has long been enamored with Japanese culture, says the sound was a "pivotal influence" in 2021's Nurture, his scintillating sophomore album.

But its roots run even deeper. His use of VOCALOID goes all the way back to his debut album Worlds, which dropped almost a decade ago in 2014. That record, Robinson says, features three songs with a vocaloid named Avanna: "Fresh Static Snow," "Goodbye to a World" and the timeless "Sad Machine."


"Vocals are the most powerful element in music, because they convey both melody and meaning. It's an indescribably powerful combination," Robinson told Yamaha. "And variations on the human voice are extremely interesting—some of my first exposure to electronic music was through Daft Punk, who have used the vocoder and talkbox extensively, as well as other voice-shifting techniques."

"Vocaloid was the natural next step in these technologies, and it's extremely powerful—not just because it's a great songwriting tool, but because of the sound, which is a little artificial in a good way," he continues. "Its eccentricities make the magic."

Check out "Humansongs," a demo Robinson produced using the new voicebank, below. You can purchase "Po-uta" here for $108 before tax.


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