Powered By Spotify, This AI DJ Is Helping Surgeons Save Lives in the Operating Room

Spotify's AI DJ is not only curating more personalized listening experiences—it's helping to save lives.

The streaming giant's AI DJ application is now powering Lifesaving Radio, a project backed by science and designed to optimize the efficiency of surgeons on the job. Its proprietors have dubbed it "the first album and AI radio station to optimize surgical performance."

Lifesaving Radio was brought forth by the collaborative minds behind NextMed Health and Klick Health. Dr. Daniel Kraft, a Stanford-based scientist, launched the former to explore ways in which medicine could be improved via the use of new-age technologies, according to Fox News.

Music has been identified as having the ability to enhance performance, treat neurological disorders and improve focus. With regards to the latter, surgeons frequently describe achieving an optimal level of focus or "flow state" as integral to their success on the job.

A video published by BusinessWire notes that surgical complications are the third leading cause of death worldwide. It's hardly an exaggeration to say that achieving and maintaining flow state is often a matter of life or death. 


To induce and improve the quality of a surgeon's flow state, Lifesaving Radio reportedly provides O.R. teams with a steady stream of hard rock. It may sound counterintuitive, but there's scientific backing from a University Hospital Dresden study suggesting that playing hard rock at high volume improved the efficiency of the focus group's laparoscopic surgical tasks while maintaining accuracy.

Hosted by the proprietary AI Angus, Lifesaving Radio is capable of curating up to 30 hours of music based around the specific operation at hand and what is likely to keep the O.R. team engaged as they conduct their work.

You can find out more about Lifesaving Radio here.

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