Premiere: Dive into TATE SEDAR & Liv Kennedy’s C….

“Our Goodbye” by TATE SEDAR and Liv Kennedy is the summer anthem we didn’t know we needed. With its high-energy feel and infectious lyrics, this song redefines the breakup genre into something lively and upbeat. The combination of TATE’s post-EDM production and Kennedy’s unique vocal style creates a track that is both fresh and deeply personal.

SEDAR and Kennedy met at Syracuse University but only discovered their musical chemistry during their senior year. When TATE moved to LA and Kennedy returned from Nashville, they collaborated on this track, drawing from their own romantic experiences over the years. The song dives into the hardest part of a breakup – the goodbyes. Kennedy’s voice captures the heartache perfectly, while TATE’s production brings an optimistic, major-key drop that makes moving on feel possible.

Influenced by artists like Ke$ha, Taio Cruz, and Katy Perry, SEDAR blends acoustic instruments with digital sounds, adding a refreshed approach to the electronic and pop music combination at hand. The song started as a somber tune but evolved over three years into the upbeat anthem we hear today. TATE says, “I feel like it was a track I was always supposed to make; it was meant to be.”

Whether you’re out for the night, scrolling through old photos, or gearing up for new adventures, “Our Goodbye” is the perfect track to add to your playlist. SEDAR and Kennedy have created something special, and they’re excited to share it with the world.

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