Producer Imisc Surprises Fans With A New Release “Dancing Baby” Featuring J.O.Y

Munich-based producer Imisc announces the release of a fresh Dance & EDM track, “Dancing Baby,” featuring talented R&B artist J.O.Y.

“Dancing baby" speaks to that feeling when you love someone who you know is going to be troubled as it might not be a mutually shared feeling. It's that internal monologue you have with yourself while you are being pulled in by this person. The poignant vocals of J.O.Y and the great production by Imisc make this song the type of track that trickles out with raw emotion and will slowly infect your senses.

Despite his young age (23) his heavy history of releases like "Magic" in May 2020, followed by "What I Regret," in June 2020, “Parachute” and this ultimate example of an EDM drop “Dancing baby” serve as a taste of what he has in store for us in 2021.

You can stream “Dancing Baby” across platforms and watch the music video for this track right away by pushing the play button here:

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