Study finds over half of professional musicians earning no money due to Covid-19

In a study conducted by charity, Help Musicians UK, 55% of professional musicians are earning no money as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The study included a whopping 1,300 musicians and the results provide serious warning signs of a looming music industry crisis. 96% of those studied have lost the majority of their income, and 76% of the same group are now worried about the long-term viability of their active position within the music industry. It is therefore no surprise that the survey also revealed that only 17% of those artists believe that their income will return by April 2021.

During a difficult financial period for musicians, the UK government have somewhat responded to the combat the economic effects of the pandemic. Financial aid on the UK’s furlough scheme changes on the 1st November, offering less support to those impacted, and what is worse for our self employed musicians is that their last dedicated payments came at the end of the summer. Furthermore, next month they will only be able to claim a measly 20% of their previous monthly income calculated from before the crisis began.

To provide some much needed reassurance at a time where government support is dwindling, Help Musicians UK has granted over £10 million in hardship to UK musicians but even that is not enough with even tougher months ahead. They are now, therefore, requesting the help of the public to assist their cause as they are anticipating ‘an avalanche’ of applications in the near future from professional musicians lacking income due to COVID-19. The charity are now extending their financial hardship support fund until March next year.

If you wish to donate, you can do so here via the official Help Musicians UK website.

Image Credit: John Christian Twitter

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