Ravers Are Sharing Stories About the Nicest Artists They’ve Ever Met In a Wholesome Reddit Thread

Avicii, Skrillex, Alison Wonderland and ILLENIUM are just a few of the many artists singled out for their kindness in this wholesome Reddit thread.

More often than not, Reddit is a digital hellscape where conspiracy theories and unfounded rumors run amok. But sometimes it can be wholesome.

Case in point is a recent thread in the r/EDM subreddit, where users are sharing stories about the nicest artists they've ever met. Which is wonderful because humility doesn't exactly grow on trees in a place like Reddit, where you're more likely to feel a sense of schadenfreude than compassion.

A fan of Ray Volpe told a brief but poignant story about how the EDM.com Class of 2022 star spent time with him and his group after the death of a friend. "Could tell he actually cares about his fans," the Redditor wrote.

An admirer of Avicii chimed in at one point, calling the late dance music icon "kind and so humble." 

Avicii and Skrillex.


One fan of ILLENIUM said he finally got the chance to meet the Grammy-nominated electronic music superstar, but—gasp—his marker was too old and dull to sign his jersey. He says ILLENIUM went to grab a fresh pen from his own car and came back, signed the jersey, snapped a few photos and chatted for a bit.

Other artists singled out for their kindness include Skrillex, Alison Wonderland, Eptic, SVDDEN DEATH, Space Laces, LP Giobbi, GRiZ, Armin van Buuren, Said The Sky and NGHTMRE, among many others.

You can peruse the full thread here.

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