Rezz Breathes New Life Into Breakout 2016 Track, “Edge”

It's difficult to imagine Rezz's thumping 2016 hit, "Edge," any darker. But if there's anyone to reinvent the hypnotic track through an even eerier lens, its Rezz herself, who has released a new version of her breakout song.

Eight years ago, "Edge" helped put Rezz and her spellbinding production style on the map. Now it's reached new heights by virtue of a massive rework, which is out now on her longtime home of mau5trap.

Conjuring her signature ominous soundscapes while channeling the original track's stomping, industrial undertow, "Edge (2024 Version)" propels Rezz's classic into the future. She initially debuted the crowd-pleaser at her Phoenix show on April 20th and has since been playing it out on tour.

"The OG 'edge' is one of the tracks that is so special to me," Rezz wrote on Instagram. "what it did for my early career & exposure meant so much & was such a surprise. I decided to make a new version & feel sooo stoked about it."


In other Rezz news, she recently announced plans to host her very own curated, festival-style event, "Hypno Circus."

"Whether it ends up being a whole festival, who knows, but one thing is for sure. I’ll definitely be having an event and it’s going to be called Hypno Circus," Rezz told in a recent exclusive interview. "Maybe it won’t end up being a crazy Lost Lands scale of festival, but maybe it’s two nights at a really sick venue where people can fly out to the event and have two days. My stage is going to be very circus-branded."

You can find "Edge (2024 Version)" on streaming platforms here.

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