Rezz Embraces Inner Angst in Goth-Inspired EP, “IT’S NOT A PHASE”

Rezz's new EP takes us back to the beginning, before she was producing electronic music—a simpler time when her inspiration came from goth culture.

Her new goth-inspired EP, IT'S NOT A PHASE, spans seven angsty tracks. Rebellious and genre-bending, the project is a testament to Rezz's roots, showcasing the influences that have steered her style and ultimately helped her become the one-of-a-kind artist we hear today.

IT'S NOT A PHASE kicks off with "Signal," a raw and edgy collaboration with Grabbitz that infuses alt-rock energy with Rezz's signature, hypnotic style. Experimental, distorted and dark, the song leads us into "Haunted Eyes" (with MKLA), where dreamlike vocals compliment moody, melodic guitar riffs.

Joining forces with Shadient and fknsyd, Rezz blends eerie vocals with thick, entrancing bass in "Blue in the Face" before colliding the worlds of punk and electronic music with the gritty "Embers" (with Raven Gray).

Elsewhere in the EP, "Blurry Eyes" is a dramatic and striking cut featuring Johnny Goth. Then comes "Dreamstate," a high-profile collaboration with Canadian rock band Silverstein and Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson that combines intense, emo-inspired vocals with menacing sound design.

IT'S NOT A PHASE closes out with a bang by virtue of "Not Enough." Featuring former Crystal Castles frontwoman Alice Glass, the track is a glitched-out stunner dripping in alt-rock grit.


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“With this goth EP, I’ve really encapsulated some of my early inspiration musically before I even got into dance music," Rezz said in a press release. "I grew up listening to bands exclusively, and over time developed an understanding of what it was about those songs that I loved. Lots of use of guitar, eerie melodies and distorted basses - this is a blend between sounds I’m known for while also expanding on my range with using new vocal styles and instruments.”

The EP is a testament to Rezz's musical range and commitment to showcasing the sounds that shape her own life experiences. Produced through the lens of her youth, IT'S NOT A PHASE serves a reminder to let our deepest, most visceral inspirations and influences shine through.

Listen to IT'S NOT A PHASE below and stream the new EP here.



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