Rich DietZ and Phoneks Collide for Down-and-Dirty Tech House Anthem, “Madonna”

"The beat is lava" in this sizzling tech house anthem.

The summer solstice is still sadly two months away, but fans of Rich DietZ and Phoneks don't have to wait that long after they released "Madonna," a sizzling house track built for pool party season.

If the track's title didn't give it away, it's chock full of pop culture references by virtue of its infectious refrain. The vocals do indeed speak Americano, referencing Yolanda Be Cool as well as Nirvana and, of course, The Queen of Pop.

They're all simmering in a fiery tech house beat that broils with charisma. "The beat is lava, let me get some water," pleads a sultry vocal, which churns through one of Rich DietZ's signature earworm basslines. From there, the surging house music duo execute yet another anthem alongside the stellar production of Phoneks.

Take a listen to "Madonna" below.

"Madonna" appears on The Spring Garden Sampler, a new four-track project out now on Artichokes Are Yellow, a record label and event collective founded by Anna Brinckmann and James Vadner of Two Tails.

The Spring Garden Sampler features new music from MAGNVM!, Screechy and Eveningperple, all of whom also contributed stellar house tracks. You can listen to all four cuts below via Artichokes Are Yellow.

The Spring Garden Sampler Tracklist

MAGNVM! - Evening Birds
Rich DietZ, Phoneks - Madonna
Screechy - I Move
Eveningperple - 212

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