Richie Hawtin and Erica Synths Unveil Bullfrog, an Electronic Instrument for Learning Synthesis

Legendary DJ and producer Richie Hawtin has teamed up with Erica Synths to create Bullfrog, an electronic instrument for learning the basics of synthesis.

The Bullfrog is built for youth and professionals alike. It's a full-fledged classical subtractive synthesizer with multiple "modules" for sound production, including a VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) and noise generator. Moreover, it also has envelope generators that enables users to inflect the signals from the sound generation modules.

Sound isn't instantaneous on the Bullfrog, though. Users will need to connect each module via the synth's eurorack patch cables. This approach, Erica Synths says, better helps to understand the functionality of a subtractive synthesizer and the principles of sound design. Producers can also forge internal connections between the various modules by inserting voice cards and adding extra functionality, such as a sampler, sequencer or groovebox.

Erica Synths

Last month, a report from TechNavio found the electronic instruments market will balloon by $505 million by 2026. This significant increase is said to be the result of heightened interest in musical leisure activities and more disposable income.

"For me, one of the most exciting parts of creating with a synthesizer is a playful experimentation that inspires and pushes the imagination," Hawtin said in a press release shared with "Whether the intention is to create abstract frequencies or sounds inspired by real-life, the route one takes is personal and often surprising. It is within these investigations where the beauty of synthesis really comes alive, and which often unlocks a new sense of creative purpose." 

The Bullfrog comes with a comprehensive manual to educate users on the device's functionality and specs. It will be available worldwide on August 10th, 2023 via Erica Synths' website

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