Robin Schulz accused of allegedly stealing rising producer’s work on ‘Miss You’

Robin Schulz‘s rework of the Oliver Tree classic ‘Miss You’ has been slowly garnering worldwide sucess, however, the producer has come under fire for potentially stealing parts of the song from up-and-coming producer southstar.

It’s been a couple of weeks since superstar producer and DJ Robin Schulz enlisted Oliver Tree to create a rework of his hit track ‘Miss You’. Since then the track has quickly passed 1 million streams and gained a following and love from fans. However, the release hasn’t been plain sailing as up-and-coming producer southstar was quick to call the ‘Show Me Love’ producer on Instagram accusing him of plagiarising and stealing his song.

Southstar’s rework of ‘Miss You’ was released months prior to Robin Schulz’s version and also gained moderate success, charting number 1 on the german Viral Spotify charts (2 globally) and even number 22 in the countries official chart, featuring in high esteem festival and live sets across the globe and achieving over 6 million streams to date. The track contains an almost identical production style at the same bpm, length and melody, it’s no surprise why the up-and-coming producer called out Robin Schulz. Taking to his Instagram story southstar stated:

“Robin Schulz stole my song ‘Miss You’, which I dropped over a month ago!”

Although southstar had all the required rights from Oliver Tree to create the rework provided from his record label, there has been no further comment from Tree himself or his team. However, the management for Robin Schulz did release a statement regarding the issue that said:

For over 20 years we have navigated fairly and with great respect for all artists and their creative work. Sometimes I am surprised by the audacity of other artists to deliberately disregard rights and works and capitalize on them.

You can listen to both the southstar and Robin Schulz rework of ‘Miss You’ by Oliver Tree for yourself on Spotify below and let us know if you can hear the similarities.


Image Credit: Courtesy Warner Music Group / Provided by Atlantic Records


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