Roblox Players Can DJ and Produce Electronic Music in Monstercat’s New “DJ Simulator”

You can now produce tracks and instantly headline events with no DJing or music industry experience—but only in Roblox.

Users of the popular gaming engine will be able to simulate the life of an EDM headliner by virtue of a new game mode created by Monstercat. For those unfamiliar with Roblox, the platform allows users to program their own games and develop monetized content for other players to purchase.

That includes in-game items like skins as well as full-fledged game modes, like Monstercat's new "DJ Simulator." The brand, which operates one of the electronic dance music scene's top independent record labels, this week revealed the ambitious gaming experience in collaboration with Roblox. 

Monstercat-released tracks like Tokyo Machine's "PLAY" and the iconic "Crab Rave" will be available for players to "produce" virtually and perform on a variety of virtual stages via mini-games. They will also be able to purchase on-stage "DJ actions" and skins for their turntables as they climb the virtual charts.

Monstercat's "DJ Simulator" will be available to Roblox players on Friday, June 14th. You can check out the trailer and learn more about the game here.

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