The h.wood Group Reveals Keys, Luxury Hospitality Firm’s First Electronic Dance Music Venue

In a decisive leap into the electronic dance music domain, The h.wood Group is poised to redefine West Hollywood's nightlife with their latest venture, Keys. 

Positioned at the legendary 9039 Sunset Boulevard, Keys is primed to elevate the vivacious energy of LA's party scene by paying homage to the iconic Key Club. Scheduled to open in July 2024, the new 12,420-square feet venue promises a fusion of history, glamour and high-energy entertainment.

Spanning 12,420 square feet, Keys' tri-level design ensures a singular experience for every visitor. From its heart-thumping main dancefloor to its nostalgic arcade games and poker table upstairs, the venue's tri-level structure is said to embody a design ethos that marries modern aesthetics and vintage charm.

An artist's rendering of h.wood Group's new dance music venue, Keys.

c/o The h.wood Group

According to a press release, Keys is the first dedicated foray into the electronic music space by The h.wood Group, who developed the famed LA venues Delilah and Bootsy Bellows. They've meticulously crafted every detail of Keys to reimagine the traditional nightclub table experience, including its premium, opera box-style balconies on the second floor, each of which provides an exclusive vantage point of the venue's performances.

We're told the space will feature LED displays "that blanket the ceiling" and embed blacklight piano keys in the wallpaper. Keys is equipped with visuals by Production Club, a fiber optic system allowing for livestreamed performances and a bespoke sound system from L-Acoustics envisioned by Demetrius Moore, Drake's longtime front-of-house sound engineer.

The main level will feature a more traditional sound system with L-Acoustics A15i speakers and SB18s 2i subwoofers, which will provide a "360-degree listening experience," per the press release.

An artist's rendering of h.wood Group's new dance music venue, Keys.

c/o The h.wood Group

"We are thrilled to finally introduce Keys to Sunset Boulevard," said Brian Toll and John Terzian, co-founders of The h.wood Group. "As a brand, we really embody Los Angeles, and all that it stands for."

"It is our goal to honor not only the revered venues that have previously called this space home, but to reinvigorate the rich musical history of the Strip. It is an honor to be able to inform the next golden era of Los Angeles’ live music scene—from big name DJ sets and intimate acoustic shows, to listening parties and more‚and to further immortalize the city’s iconic nightlife culture."

You can stay up-to-date on Keys' events via The h.wood Group's website.

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