Sage Suede And Dazmin D’leon Will Shake Your World With New Ep Titled Glossy

A little romance is something we are always looking forward to. Sage Suede recently released an EP in collaboration with an extremely talented keyboardist, Dazmin D’leon, glamourizes romance masterfully. The Ep is filled with edgy urban energy, surreally dreamy synths, and poetically mature open lyricism. 

The Texan singer-songwriter and record producer Sage Suede will soon steal your heart with his trendy heavy-hitting basses, atmospheric vocals, and mystical moods. The EP is overflown by the utopian glamorization of relationships filled with harshness and pain. The lyrics of Glossy are intimate and sensually provoking, melodies spread mysticism. Dazmin D’leon and Sage Suede made every detail of the album fashionable and edgy. 

Songs included in the EP float from dreamy pop romance sounds to melodic hip-hop up-beats. The lyrics are very open and do not leave much to imaginations, still manage to stay provokingly alluring. Dirty details of romance are delivered with so much care and devotion that they become vulnerable and soul-stirring art. It seems like cosmic dust has touched this production.

Glossy manifests love at its worst but with such glamourous attempt that even pain seems seductive. Dazmin D’leon & Sage Suede unleash an emotional and extremely musical rollercoaster of romance and let it exist for you to find your dearest feelings in it. 

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