San Holo announces new track ‘bb u ok?’

Attention all San Holo fans: a new single is dropping December 1! Entitled ‘bb u ok?’, this announcement comes not only after a social media break that lasted a few weeks, but also on his birthday too. Taking to his social media to announce this as his first post back, set your alarms for December 1. This will no doubt be a track full of emotion, as we all know that the Dutch producer knows exactly how to evoke strong emotion through all of his productions.

This release will follow a string of continuous tracks he put out earlier this year when everyone was in lockdown and touring was paused. Titled the ‘Stay Vibrant’ project, it saw him release seven tracks over seven weeks, culminating into less of an album but rather a collection of songs. It also followed the release of his track ‘Honest’ featuring Broods back in January.

It’s fair to say that San Holo has been busy crafting up some expert productions to keep his fans as happy and entertained as ever, getting to see a rawer side to him. Will ‘bb u ok?’ be part of a larger project? Will we see a second album on the horizon? We don’t know yet, but be sure to pre-save the track here on Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music and listen to it when it comes out! We can’t wait to hear what the track sounds like, and stay tuned for a full track review on release.

Image credit: Haley Lan 

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