San Holo shares acoustic cover of Flux Pavilion’s ‘I Can’t Stop’

Can you believe it’s now been ten whole years since Flux Pavilion released the popular track ‘I Can’t Stop’? Still his most popular release to this day, the track broke boundaries and helped to push bass music into the limelight and take it from the underground into worldwide recognition. With the track about to break 100 million streams on Spotify and a follow-up track ‘I Still Can’t Stop’, many are celebrating the release right now. One of those people happens to be San Holo, and in true San Holo fashion he’s released a wonderful rendition of the track.

Taking to Twitter to put the video up, with an acoustic guitar in tow and beautiful vocals, he took the hard-hitting track and managed to turn into something delicate and beautiful in his own style. Many fans agreed that it had made their day listening to the rendition, and the short but sweet clip got Flux Pavilion’s attention, with him saying that he was ‘so honoured by this’ and he wants a studio-recorded version for live sets.

Hopefully we’ll see a full studio version on streaming platforms soon! Listen to the cover below and let us know what you think.

Image credit: Haley Lan 

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