SG Lewis Launches New Label With Plans to Release “Music Made Strictly for the Dancefloor”

Rebirth through rhythmic catharsis—that's the name of the game for SG Lewis, who has announced the launch of his own record label.

For a while now, Lewis has tuned his fans' hearts to the ecstatic arrhythmia of disco music. But the air now hangs heavy with hedonistic potential thanks to the new label, Forever Days, which he's calling an ode to club music.

The dancefloor now beckons after today's reveal of Forever Days, which Lewis said will organize curated events around the world, starting in his hometown of London. He paints a picture of a label whose releases function as calls for the sweat-soaked euphoria that only a primal four-on-the-floor stomp can conjure.

"For a long time now, I have wanted to create an outlet for the club focused music I am constantly creating, in addition to being a place to champion music by artists that I love," Lewis wrote. "Music made strictly for the dancefloor, with the sole ambition of creating more of these euphoric moments."

"I have never been this excited about anything in my entire life," he added.

The chart-topping dance music star will soon launch Forever Days by virtue of three collaborations with a number of his favorite producers. He has not revealed names, titles or release dates at the time of writing.

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