Skrillex Gave Away 300 Rare “Quest for Fire” CDs at MSG—But Young Fans Are Struggling to Access the Music

The antiquated storage medium is proving a tough puzzle to crack for some of Skrillex's Gen-Z fans, who are unable to listen to the CDs' alternate versions of "QFF" tracks.

During his recent Madison Square Garden performance, Skrillex gave away a limited batch of 300 hand-marked CDs, but some of those lucky enough to snag a copy are having a bit of trouble with the antiquated hardware.

The CDs are said to contain alternate versions of tracks from his Quest For Fire album, possibly earlier demos of the songs that eventually led to the final cuts we hear today. We can't tell you for sure, however, because following the show, fans quickly took to Reddit to voice their frustration over an inability to access the tracks.

One of 300 limited edition physical copies of Skrillex's "Quest for Fire" album, which were given away at his show at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, February 18th.


Gen-Z generally seem to have no problem ribbing the baby boomer generation for struggling to rotate a PDF, but this recent debacle unfolding on Reddit shows that the next generation of ravers perhaps have their own technological Achilles heel to be mindful of.

"I don't own a single piece of hardware that can play CDs... except my car," wrote one Redditor.

"Just to update you, they were burned to SACD's which I guarantee probably 2 or 3 people that got these discs have," lamented another. "I am debating on whether or not it's really worth it to buy one to rip it."

Skrillex, Fred again.. and Four Tet at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, February 18th.

Marilyn Hue

The validity of the physical copies have been called into question, but it seems the consensus is they are legitimate. In a separate thread on the r/skrillex subreddit, one fan who received a CD said it had a QR code.

"So I just took a look at it a little deeper, had a QR code on the back for an album download to Dropbox so I guess that makes me lean toward its from [Skrillex]," they wrote. "That's legit then."

At any rate, if you're among the lucky few to land a copy of one of these coveted pieces of electronic music history, there is still hope.

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