Skrillex speaks to Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 about new track ‘Butterflies’: Listen

To celebrate the premiere of new SkrillexFour Tet and Starrah track ‘Butterflies’, and the return of Skrillex, Annie Mac spoke to him ahead of playing the track on BBC Radio 1. Discussing all things music, including what he has been up and what his future plans are, fans had the chance to gain some insight about what’s been happening during the months of radio silence.

When asked about his new style of music and knowing what type of song he wants to make, he said this:

“Over the years and years doing so many different styles – I guess you could say styles – I guess my viewpoint has been refined more and more […] We grow and mature and our taste refines and you know when I made records 15 years ago, but I’m just a different person now and part of it is what I want to share and it was interesting because this record I also did with Four Tet and Starrah as well and Kieren [Four Tet] came over maybe right before lockdown and it was one of the kind of last ideas I had done with anybody in person before all of this and it’s just funny that now it’s the first thing I’m releasing. I guess the creative process is just ‘make a ton of stuff don’t limit yourself’. If it feels good and you want to play it for your friends it’s probably dope.” 

Another interesting piece of information came when Annie Mac asked the question everyone wanted to know about if there’s a bigger picture and a possible album coming soon:

“Without giving away too much because I don’t like to hype myself, I finally have a good amount of music. There was a moment where I would make stuff that I wasn’t sure what I was doing […] I have a lot of songs that I’m really excited to put out. […] I’m sitting on more music that I really love more than ever, so that’s exciting.” 

Giving us a lot more insight, it’s not unreasonable to say that we could likely expect a lot of activity from Skrillex this year. In the meantime, listen to ‘Butterflies’ from Skrillex, Starrah and Four Tet below. You can also listen to the full interview on the Future Sounds with Annie Mac show here.

Image Credit: Skrilex (via Facebook)

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