Sydney is Hosting the “World’s Biggest Bingo Rave”

Bingo Loco, one of the world's leading bingo party organizers, is set to host an event in Sydney that promises to be the "World's Biggest Bingo Rave." If you're wondering how it's not the world's only Bingo Rave, then you're in for a surprise. Bingo Raves have been around for years—and they're only getting bigger. 

The trend found its first great success in the United Kingdom, where Bingo Raves have become increasingly popular. Each event is filled with fun and games in a nightlife atmosphere, complete with music, dance contests, comedians, live production elements, and of course, the classic game of bingo. 

Now, Bingo Raves have seen some major international success and Bingo Loco is ready to present the trend's biggest endeavor to date: Bingo Loco XXL.

Flyer for Bingo Loco XXL, the "World's Biggest Bingo Rave" featuring iconic English artist Example.

Flyer for Bingo Loco XXL, the "World's Biggest Bingo Rave" featuring iconic English artist Example.

English rapper and musician Example will headline Bingo Loco XXL on Saturday, July 10th at The Dome in Sydney Showground. The event promises lip-sync battles, dance-offs, comedian MCs, fireworks, and more. Secret prizes for the bingo winners are also in store. Past events' prizes have included tickets to Coachella, a convertible, a trip to Las Vegas, and even a boat.

“Bingo Loco’s popularity stems from people wanting more out of their night out," said Laurie Mahon, Bingo Loco's Australian Director. "We combine a comedy show, a warehouse rave, a theatre performance, a concert, a game of trivia and bingo all together complete with festival level production, special effects and crowd participation."

The event is co-produced by discovery and booking platform DesignMyNight, who has partnered with Make-A-Wish Australia. Proceeds from Bingo Loco XXL will be used to benefit children with critical illnesses. 

To learn more, check out the official event page.

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