Slushii announces DREAM III album with his alias sapientdream

In the world of ambient, down-tempo music sapientdream is definitely one of those names that comes to mind. An alias by no other than Slushii himself, this producer has once again proved he really can achieve anything he puts his utmost energy into. From Slushii bringing the space-like vibes on past collaborations with RayRay on “ET” to slowing things down with the release of “idk” from sapientdream, any Slushii fan would be satisfied with another release but what if we told you his two alias’s are join forces and come to life. You have read it right as Slushii and sapientdream will come together for the third DREAM album to be released next month.

After debuting his DREAM II album as sapientdream, the pure emotion and uplifting melodies enriched in that album are truly like no other. With the anticipation building for the third edition and both alias’s intact, the upcoming album will truly be something special to fans of both Slushii and sapientdream’s production elements. With Slushii’s announcement on his official Twitter account, fans can expect an album which “calls for the best of both worlds.” For now, we can only hope for a little teaser from Slushii and sapientdream soon.

Check out the full announcement below and let us know if you are excited in the comments.

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