Yellow Claw’s label Barong Family set to reach 200 release milestone this week

Dutch DJ duo Yellow Claw are set to celebrate their 200th release on their label Barong Family. The collaborative EP, titled ‘BF200’, is slated to come out on September 4th and feature seven tracks from the Family’s artists, two of which are from ‘DJ Turn It Up’ producers themselves.

Ahead of the upcoming milestone release, Yellow Claw commented:

“It has been a wild ride since when we had put out our first release on Barong Family back in 2014. During the past 6 years, we have met many talented artists who wanted to take part in this adventure with us and joined the family… 200 releases seem like a big number, and 6 years feel like a very long time, but for us, thanks to what we do and whom we are fortunate to work with, it feels like we are just starting, as our excitement never faded away.”

After being founded in 2014, the label’s first release was ‘Lick Dat’, a collaboration with fellow Amsterdam group Mightyfools, who were also the first artists to be signed to the label.

‘BF200’ will feature never-before-heard tracks from Yellow Claw, Wiwek, Nonsens, RayRay, and Crisis Era, amongst others. If you can’t wait until September 4, the EP’s single, ‘Kiss Your Lips’, by Yellow Claw and Tokyo Ghetto Pussy, is set to be released on the 2nd of September.

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