Berlin local government is asked to allow for open air clubs

Berlin‘s local government, run by District Mayors, has been given the task of finding spaces within their area to allow for open-air clubs. They’ve been specifically asked to find “green” spaces such as parks or town squares to transfer them into open-air clubs.  They’ve also been told that they will be given special event permits to allow for gatherings.

According to Berlin’s Club Commission, they are seeking help in finding these places, specifically for open-air concerts and festivals. Once found, guidelines have been laid out in accordance with Berlin officials to allow for a safe, yet fun experience. Such guidelines include a 10 pm curfew, mandatory mask-wearing, and a lesser occupancy. They’ve also pleaded with local Berlin artists to prefer performing locally versus internationally to help prevent any sort of viral spread.

Ramona Pop, Berlin’s economic’s minister stated the following,

“Berlin misses its diverse club scene. Clubs and bars are suffering economically during the corona crisis. We want to create legal opportunities to party in public areas for the clubs and Berliners.”

However, as of August 27th, the Senate has had to issue new compliance policies regarding a recent spike in infections, including new nationwide restrictions. Among the new restrictions, the ban on large-scale events has been extended from originally being at the end of October through to the end of the year. They have also announced that fines will be enforced for those not wearing masks. And although it is awaiting approval from each individual German state, the federal government has proposed a limitation restriction for private parties which would only allow 25 people maximum instead of the original 50.

Image Credit: Jullie Woodhouse via Image Broker

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