The First Ever Music Festival for Ants is Going Down This Weekend

A consortium of international music festival brands have announced their plans to throw a collaborative live music event for ants. 

Yes, ants as in the insect. An audience of scavenging six-legged creatures will be attending the world's first Antyfest, featuring performances from the artists who would have played the festivals live in the absence of the pandemic. 

Miniature replicas of festival stages from around the world will be outfitted with a screen, which will stream a mix of both live and taped sets from the performing artists to an estimated 8,000 ants. The horde of insects were attracted to the stages for the taping of the event with the promise of food and subsequently released back into the wild.

Among the festivals participating are Pohoda in Slovakia, Busan Rock Festival in South Korea, Blue Bird out of Austria, and Ural Music Night from Russia. "COVID-19 has forced the world’s music festivals to cancel or postpone until further notice," said Natalia Shmelkova, UMN's director, about the origins of Antyfest. "Ural Music Night was no exception. Despite this, we had the idea to unite people, music and concerts with Antyfest, a macro-festival of festivals."

Performances at Anyfest will include OfenbachNoga Erez, and Lola Marsh, among others.

Fans at home can catch the livestream on YouTube this Sunday, August 30th, beginning at 2PM GMT.

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