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Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with DEARI, a talented DJ and producer whose passion for music has led him on an exciting journey through the world of electronic music, hailing from a background deeply rooted in the world of melody and rhythm, his evolution from a classically trained guitarist to a burgeoning force in the Electronic music scene is proof to his artistic versatility and skills. In this interview, DEARI will share insights into his musical influences, creative process, and goals within the industry, without further ado, join us as we get to know the artist behind the beats.

Hi DEARI, how are you? 

Great thanks, I have a track coming out Friday so I’m very excited to get this out to the world!

As a classically trained guitarist, can you tell us a bit about your journey into Electronic Music? How did you discover your passion for House?  

I was massively into Rock, Punk and Indie Rock growing up and had probably never listened to Dance music until I went to Leeds festival when I was 17. I saw Skrillex with my friend and the energy hooked me. I had never felt that energy from a crowd before and it was something you don’t experience at a Rock show, I was really blown away. This was 2011 so the coming years were the golden age of EDM and the popularity of House music has just gone from strength to strength. 

From there, I started clubbing and going to parties which led to Ibiza. This is where I first experienced underground House music and again it was a feeling I loved. It was around the time of big bass line House music like Dusky and early Selected. Which I still get a massive kick out of. 

One day, my friend Craig bought some decks and a MacBook to start producing which led me to getting decks and a MacBook. So, I owe a lot of thanks to Craig for starting me on my DJ and production journey!

Having already had a couple of your productions released, how would you describe your sound to newcomers to your music? 

Every time I approach a record, I want to invoke a positive reaction and feeling as this is the type of art that inspires me and gets me excited. I use music as a distraction and a place of solace from the chaos of the outside world which is what I hope I can convey in my music. 

In terms of my sound, if you like Sonny Fodera and MK I hope you’re going to like a DEARI track! 

Where did your initial passion for music come from? What is your earliest musical memory? 

I couldn’t tell you where my passion has come from, but I have always had it and have had music throughout my life. I just absolutely love it and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t listen to music. 

Some of my fond musical memories are of my family. When we have family gatherings, we all love to sing along to ABBA and American Pie. And, I love when my Great Uncle Kenneth plays his bagpipes which is a very distinctive and proud sound. I was lucky enough to see Cher & Stevie Wonder as a child and apparently my Mum said I was just fixated on the stage when they performed. 

Even in my formative years, I was massively into golf growing up and I would have two pairs of spare headphones in my bag in case I forgot mine. Even now, I keep a pair in my car side door in case I forget my AirPods. Everyday, I am in the shower I put music on my phone, music is just part of my routine. 

My first musical memory is actually a funny one. I had James Blunt ‘You’re Beautiful’ on my MP3 player (I apologise but I was 10!) on the school bus in primary school and the song was playing at exactly the same time as it was on the bus. This has only happened to me twice in my life and I can remember both. It’s a pretty surreal moment when you take off your headphones and can still hear the same playing, especially as a kid around 10 years old! 

The other time was in Greggs in Waterloo, Liverpool on a lunch break from work but I can’t remember the song.

Can you walk us through some of your biggest inspirations? 

As with a lot of artists, I really struggle with this because I have such a wide scope of influence. I do believe this has held me back when initially learning to produce. I remember I would put Travis Barker drums into my Tech House drums which didn’t work! 

My Spotify wrapped this year had Pop, Rap, Gangster ap, House, Indie, Punk, Pop Punk, Deep House, Tech House, EDM and more! I listen to such a wide variety of music it’s hard for me to point at a couple of artists as I get inspired by most music I listen to. I remember one year, I think it was 2020, I actually had a Justin Bieber track as my most listened to track… ‘Intentions’, I still stand by it being a very solid track! 

One of the best things is that my track ‘Unstoppable’ made it into my own top tracks of 2023. I still find it mad to see myself on Spotify. 

What about your signature sound and style would you say sets you apart from others within Electronic Music? 

I feel like the style of House music I am making, is one of the hardest to actually set yourself apart. Piano House is pretty similar all round but I believe my songs all have a cohesion to their sound. My sound is very positive and I hope this resonates with the audience like it does me. My tracks are different sounding but all fit together which matches the way I consume music.

With music that brings thumping rhythms, catchy vocals, and powerful bass lines to listeners, can you tell us about your creative process and how you approach starting a new track?

I always start with the melodic side first. Whether a voice or a bassline or a piano chord this is what makes a great track. I am always a lot more drawn to melodies than beats so it would make sense I enjoy making a track when I have a melodic hook to work off. 


Having had releases on the label Perfect Havoc, can you tell us what you hope to achieve next? Do you have any goals in mind as you start paving your way within Electronic Music? 

For me, the next few years will be about putting as much music out on reputable labels as I possibly can to grow my name in the industry. This is my main focus at the moment. Once I keep getting on good labels and growing my profile the rest will follow. 


What is your favourite part about music production and DJing? 

The thing I love most is that I get lost in making music. I can sit in front of my laptop on Logic and time flies by. Some days you can sit down and a song takes 20 minutes to get something good and you can finish it in a couple hours and it’s the best thing you’ve done in weeks. I can’t describe the feeling but when you do this it’s exhilarating!

Looking ahead, what can fans expect from you? 

Expect more music 100%. I have releases lined up throughout 2024. And, hopefully, the back of my music being successful. you will be able to see my play live in your city.  Thanks for having me! 

As we conclude this interview with DEARI, we thank him for his time sharing insights into his career so far, through our conversation, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of his musical journey, inspirations, and dedication to crafting vibrant Electronic music. With a promising future ahead, we look forward to hearing more from DEARI and witnessing his continued success in the world of music. 


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