Slushii provides listeners a taste of upcoming album with mesmerizing single ‘After Midnight’: Listen

When one is in need of all those good vibes with a side of bass-induced madness, Slushii is the one to call. Storming the industry through his genre-bending production style, Slushii draws influence on both old sounds and new which clearly work in his favor. With this genre-defying producer releasing multiple singles from melodic and future bass, dubstep, trap, and even house music, Slushii does it all and we could not be happier with the outcome.  After revealing the first chapter of his forthcoming project last year, Slushii is providing a little taste of his upcoming album with his second single “After Midnight” featuring viral TikTok star and singer Mackenzie Sol. With the anticipation building for his upcoming album ‘Extinction Level Event’ to be released on Monstercat in March 2022, this stunning single just proves how amazing this upcoming album will be for all the fans eagerly awaiting the spring season.

As sonic soundscapes alongside Mackenzie Sol’s powerful vocals bring out all the feels in this one, Slushii shifts levels as distortion and a series of percussions take over the single. Easily an emotive crowdpleaser, Slushii, and Mackenzie Sol balance each other’s talents in this stunning single as Slushii’s powerful bass stylings accentuate the mature edge in Mackenzie’s polished pop vocals. Providing us the potion to heal even the toughest losses with wistful melodies and a soulful vocal performance which is apparent throughout the single, Mackenzie Sol shares:

“This song is about falling in love with a friend who has no clue you have feelings for them, and the fear that comes with telling them and potentially ruining the friendship. I wrote this song from my own personal experience of having feelings for a close friend. I still haven’t told her how I feel. Maybe one day after midnight I’ll tell her.”

With this impressive release, Slushii aligns his unique production style with a common thread of sophisticated soundscapes, intense emotion, and uncontrollable energy. Sharing his thoughts behind the single, Slushii states:

“Mackenzie and I made “After Midnight” the first night we met. Mackenzie had a demo for a song that he wrote and I absolutely loved the vocal. The visuals for the song have a Batman dark feeling to it, similar to the final battle in a superhero movie. That’s the vibe I wanted to convey with this one.”

Be sure to listen to ‘After Midnight’ below and let us know if you are excited about the upcoming album.

Image Credit: Slushii (via Facebook)

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