Downing Street Rave livestream raises £105,000 for charity

After witnessing the interest of more than 1.2 million ravers who signed up on Facebook, the Christmas Rave event at 10 Downing Street has raised close to £105,000 for Shelter, a charity for the homeless. Starting out initially as a hoax event after the recent controversy linked to a number of government parties amidst a nationwide lockdown, Downing Street Rave grew immensely popular soon after it was posted as an event on Facebook.

Organized by DJ John Mancini, the fake event had become so popular that he had to remind everyone that the event was all humor and not real, just for poking fun at the powers that be. But the artist realized the potential of the scenario and made the best out of it, as evident from the certificate of honor he received saying that the live stream had raised approximately £105,000.

“What started as a bit of a laugh (and still is) really went viral in a way we couldn’t have imagined and showed how pissed off we really are on some things in life at the moment. So we decided to do good with this event and turn it into something for charity and help others less fortunate in life.” – John Mancini

Be sure to check out the live stream here

Image Credits – Dan Kitwood | Getty Images

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