Spotify Shares Guide for Artists to “Get the Most Out of” 2023 Wrapped Campaign

Think you're ready for 2023's Spotify Wrapped? Think again.

This year, Spotify has put together a checklist for artists to capitalize on the streaming giant's yearly deep dive into what we've all been listening to. If you're not an artist, the guide functions as a nod to what you should expect come Spotify Wrapped season.

First off, Spotify recommends artists record a video message to be displayed for their top fans. Their examples included some short clips from Måneskin, Pusha T and Billie Eilish, who all thanked listeners for their support.

They then suggest artists offer a discount on their merch, which will be presented via Shopify. Promotion for discounted merch will be shared with top fans.

Spotify's third suggestion recommends that artists highlight their upcoming shows. This can be found right under any artist's discography on both desktop and in the "events" tab on mobile. Finally, the company aptly proposes sprucing up Spotify artist profiles so fans can easily connect with their favorites. 

While Spotify Wrapped has been chided for its data practices, it's also a fun way for fans to connect with one other. By providing analytics, those listeners are able to compare and contrast with friends to determine who's been gatekeeping the best music and who has the most pretentious music taste.

Those looking forward to the roundup can expect their social media feeds to be flooded with Wrapped posts by late November or early December. In the meantime, you find the full artist guide here.

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