Spotify’s “AI DJ” Curates Personalized Music Using the Tech Behind ChatGPT

The new feature uses generative AI to produce custom mixes based on your listening behaviors.

Driven by generative artificial intelligence, Spotify's new "AI DJ" is taking customized music content to a new level.

The new feature is powered by technology from OpenAI, the same company behind the contentious ChatGPT. According to Spotify, it's a "personalized AI guide" that curates personalized sets of music based on your listening behavior.

"AI DJ" works by crawling your favorites old and new, and the software can also ostensibly predict new songs and artists based on your music taste. Based on your feedback, the AI learns more and improves its functionality, Spotify says. It also has text-to-voice capabilities, thanks to the company's acquisition of Sonantic.


The "AI DJ" feature is now rolling out in beta for Spotify Premium users in the United States and Canada. 

To try it out, go to the Music Feed in your Spotify homepage. Then tap "Play" on the DJ card. The "AI DJ" will deliver a specially curated musical mix, along with personalized commentary, based on your unique listening habits. If you don't like the track, click the "DJ" button on the bottom right corner to explore a different genre, mood or artist.

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