Study Finds 16% of Workers Listening to EDM On the Job Got a Promotion and Raise

Listening to EDM could mean more money in your pocket, a new study suggests.

Electric, an enterprise IT services provider, spearheaded an independent study to examine the impact of listening to various genres and artists on individuals' day-to-day workflow. The company analyzed the vast landscape of productivity playlists on streaming services and additionally surveyed over 1,000 workers about their on-the-job streaming preferences.

Electric shared with that on average, "16% of workers who listen to EDM while on the job got a promotion and raise in the last year."


Perhaps its no surprise that when it comes to seeking out playlists for a productive workflow, electronic dance music rounds out the top five, bested only by rock, K-pop, pop, and lo-fi. When the genre's fans are streaming to feel productive, they're turning to deadmau5, Daft Punk and Emancipator to get inspired.

Electronic as a go-to choice is perhaps unsurprising, considering those surveyed generally gravitated towards more instrumentally-driven genres. Overall, workers today view the inclusion of music as a positive addition to their working routines, with 80% of respondents reporting they believe music enhances their productivity on the job.

You can read Electric's full study here.

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