Synthwave Duo The Midnight Announce New Graphic Novel, “Shadows”

After teasing a hotly anticipated audiovisual project, The Midnight have finally revealed a graphic novel powered by fabled publisher Dark Horse Comics.

For the past few days, the massively popular synthwave act had been sharing cryptic teasers with mysterious messages like, "Your chariot awaits…" and posting screenshots of artwork containing references to some of their tracks. After rampant speculation from fans, the duo revealed their first-ever graphic novel, The Midnight: Shadows

Penned by comic veterans Zack Kaplan, Stephen Thompson, Jahnoy Lindsay, Thiago Rocha, DC Hopkins, David Legnon and Raymond Swanland, the graphic novel is a sci-fi adventure inspired by the sounds of the leading synthwave group. Check out the official synopsis:

Twenty-something young man Jason is on the precipice of parenthood with his childhood sweetheart. Struggling with the loss of his adolescence, Jason is sucked back into THE MIDNIGHT, a cyberpunk game from his childhood. As the helmeted hero who travels to the post-apocalyptic Neverland in the year 2085, he is the hero who once vanquished the shadow monsters, and they believe he has returned to his actual reality to do it again.

With two different realities beckoning him home, Jason must reconcile which world he belongs to and how he can embrace adulthood without losing himself.

The Midnight: Shadows will be released in October 2024 by Dark Horse Comics. You can watch an animated trailer below and pre-order the novel and its various merch bundles here.



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