Marshmello Steps Into the Culinary Arena With New Cookbook

No, the mask is not edible.

After rising to the top of the dance music world, Marshmello has decided to enter a new arena: culinary arts. Coming this fall is a new cookbook inspired by his popular cooking channel of the same name, Cooking With Marshmello.

Fans of Mello will be able to recreate dishes from his recordings as well as never-before-seen creations. The DJ took to social media to share an announcement video featuring a hilarious voiceover from culinary comedian Danny Mondello, best known for his "Meals by Cug" brand.

Hungry fans will be able to learn how to cook 75 different dishes from the masked EDM superstar, who also recently launched his own collection of branded kitchenware in collaboration with CRUX. These include "Flamin’ Hot Fried Mozzarella Onion Rings," "Toasted Marshmello S’Mores Pie" and "Matcha Bubble Tea," among other curious items.

For those who can't even cook a bowl of cereal, there will be QR codes throughout the book which take you to exclusive tutorial videos in addition to a new in-the-kitchen playlist.

Cooking With Marshmello will hit the shelves on November 7th, 2023. You can pre-order the musical cookbook from a number of retailers here.



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