Tenaj releases energy-filled single ‘By My Side’: Listen

Few artists are as versatile as Tenaj. As well as demonstrating her capabilities in the studio, the LA-based producer is a musician, singer, songwriter, and performer, whose talents are catching the eye of industry heavyweights with each new release. Having impressed with her previous track, ‘I’m In Your Mind‘, Tenaj is back, stronger than before, and her newest single is a testament to that. Arriving too delight electronic music fans, ‘By My Side‘ is a massive new release from the Swiss national and this one has a summer anthem written all over it. Ready to make an impact on the dance music scene, we’re taking a closer look at this energy-filled single that’s available to stream right now.

By My Side‘ packs character, personality, and boasts powerful beats alongside euphoric vocal cuts that hook in listeners from the get-go. Ready to ignite dancefloors and reel in ravers with its phenomenal melodies and drops, this track is guaranteed to turn heads with every play. From start to finish, ‘By My Side’ delivers relentless energy that will keep you grooving to every last beat. If you’re looking to define your playlist with a fiery, club-ready anthem, this track is a must-have.

Often described as an ’emerging artist’, Tenaj is ready to break away and solidify herself among producers and DJs who are consistently in the headlights. With her emotion-filled vocal productions that have been inspired by her life experiences, there will be no stopping Tenaj as she sets her sights on climbing to the top of the electronic dance music industry. One thing is for certain, this won’t be the last time you hear of Tenaj. Get ready to feel the euphoria in ‘By My Side‘ and listen to the track below. To discover more great music like this, click here.

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